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MEA 25th Anniversary Tank Car

HO-Kesselwagen Nr. 84441

This special HO-scale car was produced for the MEA by Gebr Märklin & Cie GmbH in a one-time series only. This is a white tank car which features the MEA logo and lettering in silver and blue color schemes. Of the 500 tank cars produced, over 300 were purchased by MEA members when the cars were first announced.

While each MEA member was originally permitted to order a maximum of three cars, the MEA has removed all quantity limits on orders. The cars are being sold at cost:

  • $20.00 per car for shipments to the USA, APOs, all US possessions, and Canada.
  • $27.00 per car for shipments to all other countries.

Payment by money order or a check drawn on a US bank in US dollars must accompany the order, payable to MEA. (Above prices include shipping.)

MEA members should check their special 25th anniversary commemorative issue of the MEA "handelspost" (Volume 22, Number 7 - December 1997) for the order form.

MEA Anniversary Car
Post Office Box 217153
Charlotte, NC 28221

Non-members are welcome to join the MEA. All members (old and new) will be entitled to purchase commemorative tank cars as long as the supply lasts. As stated above, the tank cars were produced in a one-time run and will no more will be produced.

More information on the MEA is available on this web site, but prospective new members should contact the MEA Secretary for membership information and an application form.

Do not delay - the 25th Anniversary Tank Cars will not be reproduced. Once the original production of 500 units is sold, they will be gone!

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