The Original European Train Club in North America

  MEA and handelspost  Description Codes
N New: mint, unused, unblemished.
LN Like New: free of any blemishes, nicks or scratches, original condition throughout, very little sign of use.
EX Excellent: minute nicks or scratches, no dents or rust, some signs of wear from careful use.
VG Very Good: few scratches, exceptionally clean, no dents or rust, signs of use.
G Good: scratches, small dents, possible minor rust spots, obvious signs of use.
F Fair: well scratched, chipped, dented, rusted or warped condition.
NBX Without box (No Box).
OBX In original box.
NOTE: In all categories except N and LN, parts can and may have been replaced. Any such missing or replaced parts are mentioned in the description of the lot. Also, restored or refinished items are so identified.
  Excerpted from Märklin Enthusiasts of America (MEA) handelspost
Volume 21, Number 5 (September 1996)

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